Proceedings 2017

Proceedings of the 5th Naples Forum on Service

“When Service Ecosystems Collapse: Understanding the Demise of the UK Green Deal”

Badi, S., Razmdoost, K., Murtagh, N

“Integrating the internet of things and big data analytics into decision support models for healthcare management”

Badinelli, R.D., Sarno, D.

“Transforming Service Ecosystems – Revisiting the Arab Spring A comparative case study of transformation and deformation drivers in service ecosystems in Tunisia and Syria”

Ben Letaifa, S., Edvardsson, B., Kotaiba, A.

“Smart service systems in restaurant management: a case study analysis”

Botti, A., Grimaldi, M., Monda, A., Vesci, M.,

“Integrating VSA and S-D logic for conceptualizing viable value co-creation: an application to entrepreneurial intention and innovation in service ecosystems.”

Botti, A., Grimaldi, M., Vesci, M.

“Decision making and purpose of the actor in service systems”

Bruni, R., Carrubbo, L.

“Using service for defining place value propositions”

Bruni, R., Morretta Tartaglione, A., Warnaby, G.C.

“Combining the pillars of the Naples forum on Service: a multi-dimensional constructive tool”

Caputo, F., Walletzky, L., Ge, M., Carrubbo, L

"The “infection” of health care service ecosystem: the tools used for assessing patient satisfaction"

Ciasullo, M.V., Cosimato, S., Douglas, A., Troisi,O.

"Value co-creation in the IoT era"

Colurcio, M., Melia, M., Carè, S., Verre, A.

“A pilot study on value co-creation activities in health care: a study on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis”

Darmayanti, D., Simatupang, T.M., Rudito, P

"Drone Services Opportunities in Italian Urban Areas"

Egizio, F.

“Guidelines for Service-Dominant Logic: empirical experiences from IT Service Management”

Göbel, H., Cronholm, S.

“Integrated service portfolio in multi-sided digital retail platforms”

Hänninen, M., Mitronen, L.,

“Directions of service-dominant logic research: results of a bibliometric analysis”

Harengel, P., Clauss T., Laudien, S.M.

“Measuring value-in-context with mobile app services”

Hogg, J.,

“Embodied customer experience in group fitness context - identification of different customer types”

Kuuru T.K.

“Service Sweethearting and Value Co-creation: A Service-Dominant Logic Perspective”

Kao, P.J., Dacko, S.

“Embodied customer experience in group fitness context - identification of different customer types”

Kuuru T.K.,

“Emphatic understanding as a source of value co-creation and differentiation”

Lappalainen, I., Airola, M., Nuutinen, M.

Value creation: the role of customer participation and perceived innovative aspects of service innovation”

Leckie , C., Nyadzayo, M., Johnson, L.

“Examining service experiences: comparing methods to capture children’s experiences”

Litovuo, L., Aarikka-Stenroos, L., Kaipio, J., Karisalmi, N.

“Approaching ‘value’ from a second order cybernetics perspective”

Löbler, H., Wloka, M.

SSMED and its multidisciplinary nature: an automatic literature review

Loia, V., Polese, F., Fenza, G., Troisi, O., Maione, G.

“Value Co-Creation Practices In Smart Cities: measures of decision-making system benefits”

Maione, G., Loia, F., Torre, C.

"Service-Oriented Architectures: energetic settings as service systems"

Maione, G., Pellicano, M., Heydarian-Forushani, E., Torre, C., Siano, P.

“Service value creation using data science”

Meierhofer, J.

“How is the Customer Contributor and Interpreter of Value? Opening the black box of the linkages between value experience and value creation”

Loohuis, R., Sahhar, Y.

“Collaborative market practices within a consumer-driven local food service system”

Närvänen, E., Leipämaa-Leskinen, H.

"Intellectual capital in Service Ecosystem Perspective: some evidencesfrom university context"

Polese, F., Ciasullo, M. V., Troisi, O., Maione, G.

“Balanced centricity: innovation through institutionalization in complex service systems”

Quero, M.J., Ventura, R.

“Proposing and co-creating shared value: an integrative framework and research agenda”

Rintamäki, T., Saarijärvi, H.

“A new consesus method for social networks viability”

Sarno, D., Gaeta, M., Polese, F.

“Development of value propositions: a managerial framework”

Schäfer, A., Windler, K., Georgi, D.

“Causation and Effectuation in the context of Service Innovation in small, independent firms”

Shishan, F., Perks, H., McCabe, S.

“Ecotones: the complex transitional zones of service (eco) systems”

Simmonds, H., Gazley, A.

“An exploration of valuation practices in complex case reviews in healthcare”

Spurrell, M., Araujo, L., Proudove, N.

“A framework of capabilities and business dimensions influencing servitization based upon service dominant logic, service science and network and system theory”

Tempelmayr, D., Stadlmann, C., Mang, S., Überwimmer, M., Ehrlinger, D.

“Service ecosystem design: doing institutional work through design”

Vink, J., Tronvoll, B., Edvardsson, B., Wetter-Edman, K., Aguirre, M.

“Consumer Perceived Vulnerability, privacy calculus and information disclosure: an empirical investigation in retailer loyalty program”

Wakenshaw, S., Dixon, M., Ng, I., Maple, C.

“Engineering a personal data market: the Hub of all things (HAT)”

Wakenshaw, S., Ng, I.