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Journal Articles

Toward a Service (Eco)Systems Perspective on Value Creation


An Integrated Framework Toward Public System Governance: Insights from Viable Systems Approach


Decision-Making in Smart Service Systems: A Viable Systems Approach Contribution to Service Science Advances


From B2B to A4A: An Integrated Framework for Viable Value Co-Creation


A4A relationships


A Viable Systems Approach to Relationship Management in S-D Logic and Service Science


Co-creation in Action: An Acid Test of Smart Service Systems Viability


The viable system perspective of actors in eco-systems


Value Co-Creation: Using a Viable Systems Approach to Draw Implications from Organizational Theories


The contribution of VSA and SDL perspectives to strategic thinking in emerging economies


The emergence of the new service marketing: Nordic School perspectives


From relationship marketing to total relationship marketing and beyond


Case Theory in Business and Management


Total Relationship Marketing


Extending the service-dominant logic: from customer centricity to balanced centricity


B2B is not an island!


The viable decision maker for CAS survival: how to change and adapt through fitting process


Introduction to the Special Issue on Exploring Service Science for Data-Driven Service Design and Innovation


Reflections on service systems boundaries: A viable systems perspective: The case of the London Borough of Sutton


Information asymmetry and co-creation in health care services


Grocery Retailing in the I4.0 Era


Complexity and Governance


Smart Service Systems and Viable Service Systems: Applying Systems Theory to Service Science


Linking the viable system and many‐to‐many network approaches to service‐dominant logic and service science


An Introduction to the Viable Systems Approach and its Contribution to Marketing


Systems, networks, and ecosystems in service research


From ‘EGO’ to ‘ECO’ in B2B relationships


Viable service systems and decision making in service management


Digital therapeutics in healthcare ecosystem: a systematic literature review

Actors’ roles in service robotics ecosystems

Avatar-mediated service encounter and its impact after COVID-19

Conceptual model of Smart Services – How to understand the structure of services in Smart City

Towards a decision support framework for service modularisation

Ready to Pair? Understanding Pre-negotiation Supplier Engagement in the Context of Performance-Based Contracting

Transformative Service Research: a systematic literature review

The role of smart technology in shaping value co-creation routines. A study of service ecosystem change

Ecosystem Wellbeing and Resilience: Lessons From Crisis Management in Service Organizations

The T-shaped professionals’ education strategies for service innovation

Curriculum as a value proposition to support the transitioning of business and society

The evolution of the Circular Economy applied to Food Loss and Waste issue: the Spiral Economy 4.0 perspective

Institutional Work on Platform Business Models

Conceptualizing Actor Engagement Management

Anatomy of value co-creation: case of local goverments in japan for covid-19 responses

Co-Creation: The More We Contribute – The More We Value

Investigation on Structure of Service Ecosystem: Japanese Enthusiasts studies from Serviceology

Institutions and actors’ interactions in the new normal era

Co-creating value net for shadow destinations in Sweden

Value Co-Creation on Assistant Platforms

AI-based Value Co-Creation in Tourism

Codifying Brand Practices in Service Encounters

From Hospital to Home: Service and Systems thinking for effective, efficient and sustainable healthcare

Service Design Methodologies. A Systematic Literature Review

Illuminating experience’s inception and evolvement: an auto hermeneutic phenomenological inquiry

Institutions and customer experience: the role of interfunctional coordination.

Actors’ roles in service robotics ecosystems

Practice Disruption in Service Ecosystems: The Case of K2 2008 Disaster

Conversational agents to enact value propositions for an intimate, intelligent, and seamless experience

The Effect of Sales Assistant-Customer Interaction on Immersion inside Retail Stores

Balanced Centricity: deinstitutionalizing the arts sector. The case of Patreon open platform.

The mediating role of Univerity-Industry linkages for value co-creation in Engaged Universities

Value co-creation ‘gradients’ in human-machine interactions

Gamification and service quality to incentivize shared micro-mobility services in Italy. An empirical study.

Complexity in systems thinking and dynamic capabilities framework

Customer Journey: A Bibliometric Review and Future Research Agenda

Optimizing service value creation with smart, connected products

Artificial Intelligence as a driver to enable Healthcare Service Ecosystem viability

How Digital Services Are Reshaping the Dating Practice: An Institutional Theory Perspective on the Digital Dating Service Ecosystem

Service Offshoring: Current Issues and New Research Directions

A service ecosystems perspective on decommissioning of offshore platforms: highlights by the italian context

The meaning-ladenness of value in Service-Dominant Logic

Emerging data-driven service innovation and ecosystem in the construction phase of the smart building

From “institutions” to “institutionalized social structures” – bringing a more nyanced understanding of institutions to s-d logic

Towards dynamic decision-making in service organizations: Insights from systems thinking

Collective Engagement towards Social Purpose

Identifying patterns in Big Data Analytics to enhance value co-creation

Strategizing in service ecosystems: A Service-Dominant driven, value-based platform

Optimizing circadian rhythm for well-being: Value co-creation using Machine Learning

Unveiling value co-creation within the digital servitization business models: Empirical evidence from B2B industrial firms

Customer Journey: A Bibliometric Review and Future Research Agenda

Building legitimacy in the early stages of emergence and institutionalization of service ecosystems

The Changing Role of Service Relationships: Value-in-use across borders

Expanding Value Co-Creation: Value-in-Context in Confucian Cultures

Conceptualizing dynamic and phenomenological value co-creation in event management

The Interplay of Market Ontologies and Sustainable Development Goals

Ambiguous Loss and Value Co-Destruction in Fragmented Service Systems

Digitalizing value co-creation: how artificial intelligence redefines human-computer interactions in service ecosystems?

‘Silver Starters’: startuppers over 50s.

Social robots in the cultural heritage experience

Humans and machines in the emergence of service ecosystems: Addressing false dichotomy by embracing paradox

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) for value cocreation in the arts

Understanding the ‘resourceness’ of wildlife as a commodity – An institutional, service ecosystem perspective of the exotic pet trade.

Servitization challenges in transforming service ecosystems: An empirical analysis of firms’ responses and a conceptual framework

Higher education (HE) service pollution: attempting against its sustainability

The use of smart technologies to facilitate patient engagement in healthcare services: the Medicinae case study

The role of resource asymmetry in coordinating value processes

Stakeholder Engagement: constitutive practices of value co-creation

Smart fruition of archaeological heritage: evidence from great cultural attractors

Logistics service providers offering specialized fine-art logistics solutions: case study analysis

The role of social media and technology in strengthening the insurance brand

Developing a Microsoft Teams usability index in Higher Education Organizations: a Service-Dominant Logic orientation

From the individual to the collective: conceptualizing the collective actor experience

Healthcare innovation: digitisation and citizen participation for service improvement

More Than a Snapshot: Dynamic Value-in-Use Emergence in E-Services

Scanning of the retail environment in forecasting activities

Managing emergency through resilience: reinterpreting smart cities as service ecosystems view

Towards an Intra-Ecosystem perspective for Value Co-creation: How Resources are Integrated within and across Ecosystems?

Insights from T-Shaped Professional (T-SP) Model

Sustainable Services for Healthcare Value Cycle Delivery in the time of Pandemic

Intelligent agents and ecostructuring decisions in service journeys


How utility sector intermediaries facilitate ESCO market development through value co-creation: A case study of Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority (SEWA), UAE

Managing Contradictions between “Business as Usual” and Transition Dynamics in Service Ecosystems

Shaping the Scope and Features of an Innovation Community Through a Multiple Case Study


AI and Emotions: a literature review


Journal of Service Theory and Practice GO

Marketing Theory GO

Service Science GO

Journal of Service Theory and Practice GO

Journal of Business Market Management GO

Managing Service Quality GO

Service Science GO

Mercati e Competitività GO

Service Science GO

International Journal of Quality and Service Science GO

Journal of Business Market Management GO

Journal of Service Management GO

Mercati e Competitività GO

Service Science GO


Using Modular Method Cards for Competency-Oriented Teaching in Academia PDF

Building Systems of Engagement to overcome the challenges of digital transformation PDF

From Product Organization to Platform Organization – Observations of Organizational Development in the Insurance Industry PDF

Exploring complex service design: Understanding the Diamonds of Context PDF

Service logics and service design intertwine in the new management competences PDF

Five Principles for Supporting Value Based Healthcare PDF

Innovation of service system by human-centered design and effectual evolution: Hypothesis development and case verification PDF

Open Innovation and Industry 4.0: the new frontiers for value co-creation? PDF

Co-creating Inter- and Transdisciplinary Knowledge for Sustainability: First Insights for the Cosmetic Industry from a Service & Systems View PDF

Co-designing innovation labs for service ecosystem change PDF

How Service Providers Manage the Customer’s Service Value Experience throughout the Customer Journey: A Multiple Ethnographic Study PDF

Co-patenting and co-ownership as drivers for university business innovating The case of public universities in Spain PDF

Association Memory: Prototype and evaluation of a new creativity method in the context of divergent and convergent approaches for application in business as well as a teaching concept PDF

Exploring network configuration in service ecosystems. Evidence from Southern Italy PDF

Don’t make value co-creation ambiguous, social networks simplify it PDF

Service value creation using a digital twin PDF

A Segmentation Approach to Country Image. A study on Perception of Italy across seven Emerging Markets PDF

Analyzing Social Platforms in Value Cocreation Exchange” PDF

Logistics Robots as an enabler of hospital service system renewal? PDF

Change in meaning and service innovation: a design research contribution to the S-D logic PDF

Merging vSa and SS. An ABSA for Smart Tourism Ecosystem PDF

Coaching as central element of a new Didactics of Higher Education PDF

Hajinejad, N., Gauser, T., Koehler, D., Giegler, F. PDF

Crowdfunding as value co-creation model: theoretical constructs and empirical evidence PDF

Sustainability and DIY as emerging factors for online service offers PDF

Orchestrating to shape a service ecosystem: An empirical investigation PDF

The Human-Side of Service Engineering: Advancing Technologies Impact on Service Innovation PDF

A systems based interpretative framework for approaching exaptation and bricolage in decision making and value co-creation PDF

Towards a new logic of value co-creation in the digital age: Doing more and agreeing less PDF

Engineering a personal data market: the Hub of all things (HAT)” PDF

Consumer Perceived Vulnerability, privacy calculus and information disclosure: an empirical investigation in retailer loyalty program PDF

Service ecosystem design: doing institutional work through design PDF

A framework of capabilities and business dimensions influencing servitization based upon service dominant logic, service science and network and system theory PDF

An exploration of valuation practices in complex case reviews in healthcare PDF

Ecotones: the complex transitional zones of service (eco) systems PDF

Causation and Effectuation in the context of Service Innovation in small, independent firms PDF

Development of value propositions: a managerial framework PDF

A new consesus method for social networks viability PDF

Families with special needs children consuming social and health care services – visible and invisible activities of daily life PDF

Proposing and co-creating shared value: an integrative framework and research agenda PDF

Balanced centricity: innovation through institutionalization in complex service systems PDF

Intellectual capital in Service Ecosystem Perspective: some evidencesfrom university context PDF

Collaborative market practices within a consumer-driven local food service system PDF

How is the Customer Contributor and Interpreter of Value? Opening the black box of the linkages between value experience and value creation PDF

Service value creation using data science PDF

Value Co-Creation Practices In Smart Cities: measures of decision-making system benefits PDF

SSMED and its multidisciplinary nature: an automatic literature review PDF

Approaching ‘value’ from a second order cybernetics perspective PDF

Examining service experiences: comparing methods to capture children’s experiences PDF

Value creation: the role of customer participation and perceived innovative aspects of service innovation PDF

Emphatic understanding as a source of value co-creation and differentiation PDF

Embodied customer experience in group fitness context – identification of different customer types PDF

Service Sweethearting and Value Co-creation: A Service-Dominant Logic Perspective PDF

Why and when does the valence of online consumer reviews influence service evaluations? PDF

“Measuring value-in-context with mobile app services”

Directions of service-dominant logic research: results of a bibliometric analysis PDF

Integrated service portfolio in multi-sided digital retail platforms PDF

Guidelines for Service-Dominant Logic: empirical experiences from IT Service Management PDF

Drone Services Opportunities in Italian Urban Areas PDF

A pilot study on value co-creation activities in health care: a study on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis PDF

Value co-creation in the IoT era PDF

The “infection” of health care service ecosystem: the tools used for assessing patient satisfaction PDF

Combining the pillars of the Naples forum on Service: a multi-dimensional constructive tool PDF

Using service for defining place value propositions PDF

Decision making and purpose of the actor in service systems PDF

Integrating VSA and S-D logic for conceptualizing viable value co-creation: an application to entrepreneurial intention and innovation in service ecosystems PDF

Transforming Service Ecosystems – Revisiting the Arab Spring A comparative case study of transformation and deformation drivers in service ecosystems in Tunisia and Syria PDF

Integrating the internet of things and big data analytics into decision support models for healthcare management PDF

When Service Ecosystems Collapse: Understanding the Demise of the UK Green Deal PDF

Multichannel customer journeys as service systems – implications for S-D Logic PDF

The Relations between Service Science and IT PDF

A new perspective on port supply chain management according to the Service Dominant logic PDF

Customer value co-creation: a conceptual measurement model in a Service Dominant Logic perspective PDF

Value in use and in (social) context. Analysing how social actors co-create value PDF

Social value co-creation: findings and implications from Mageires the social restaurant PDF

Value proposition as a framework for value co-creation in crowd-funding ecosystem PDF

Development and empirical evaluation of a comprehensive service productivity model for knowledge intensive services PDF

Using Service Logic Business Model Canvas in Lean Service Development PDF

Patient pathways into healthcare – the need for matching? PDF

Improving Customer Participation in Knowledge Intensive Business Services PDF

Cyber-Physical Systems as Service Systems: Implications for S-D Logic PDF

Well-being: a new dimension to address in business models PDF

How service innovation shapes value creation in multi-stakeholder systems: A social construction approach PDF

Derivation of a service typology and its implications for new service development PDF

Corporate reputation’s contribution to the co-creation of value from stakeholders’ perspective – the case of customers and employees PDF

Grounding and the service encounter PDF

Value Propositions and a Human Service Logic PDF

Christine Strauss, Michal Gregus, Servitization – transition from manufacturer to service provider PDF

Understanding institutional complexity in service ecosystems – insights from social network theory and systems thinking PDF

Augmented Reality in the travel industry: A perspective how modern technology can fit consumer’s needs in the service industry PDF

Towards a common framework for knowledge co-creation: opportunities of collaboration between Service Science and Sustainability Science PDF

A Network-Service-System (NSS) Framework for Analyzing and Measuring the Relationship between Trust’s Antecedents, E-Trust, and Purchase Intention in Ecommerce PDF

Value creation and co creation in the mobile cloud PDF

Corporate culture and co-creation of value. The Zeta Consulting case PDF

Determining value dimensions for an all-encompassing service evaluation PDF

Measuring Experience Quality and Outcomes in Services: The Case of Port Wine Cellars PDF

Social innovation practices: focus on success factors for crowdfunding PDF

Dynamic and Complex Public Transit Service Eco-system for Resilient Living Cities PDF

Requalification’s policies of urban deprived areas through research centres: the case of research centre CESMA in est area of Naples PDF

A service-based framework for personal time management in smart cities PDF

Sustainable supply chain management needs sustainable logistics services. The strategic role played by logistics service providers PDF

Does a service-based positioning of the offering enhance customer perceived value? PDF

Service System Platforms to Improve Value Co-Creation: insights for Translational Medicine PDF

Modes of resource integration driving value co-creation: an empirical investigation in virtual brand communities (VBCs) PDF

Exploring Cultural Leadership Ecosystems and Their Role in Urban Regeneration PDF

Citizens’ participation in healthcare services re-design. How Public Health Providers perceive their contribution PDF

Social Semantic Web and Collective Knowledge Systems as Technological Enablers for Value Co-Creation in Service Systems PDF

T-Shaped People for addressing the Global Challenge of Sustainability PDF

Can service industrialization deliver customer experience? Evidence from online higher education services PDF

Visitors’ experience through smart technologies PDF

Design for service comes to service logic PDF

A study on knowledge-based service process PDF

Transforming markets with ICT enabled service innovations – A dynamic capabilities perspective PDF

Is it possible to teach service science? PDF

Innovation with effectuation: conceptual discussion and a case study PDF

Transcendence as business logic in value networks for sustainable service business PDF

Treating advertising agencies clients as value creation partners: difficulties and implications PDF

Learning and knowing in networking innovation PDF

The customer as co-creator of value PDF

Features of value co-creation process: A multiple actors view PDF

Business interactions in facility services: emerging paradoxes in the purchasing approach of Italian Municipalities PDF

The role of balanced centricity in the creative industries adopting a crowd-funding organisational model PDF

Enhancing Place Reputation of Local Service Systems in the Performing Arts Perspective. An analysis of regional cases PDF

VSA and SDL contribution to strategic thinking in emerging economies PDF

Exploring what motivates consumers to co-create value in virtual fashion communities PDF

The complexity of value-creating networks: multiplicity, heterogeneity, and contingency PDF

Understanding market plasticity: the dialectic dynamics between stability and fluidity PDF

Value creation process in the fast fashion industry. Towards a networking approach PDF

The effectiviness of a network system in improving the financial innovation of the cooperative banks PDF

Investigating drivers for systemic value for customer in integrated ict solutions

Value co-creation: a useful approach to cope the crisis

The conceptual framework of placescape. a new service marketing perspective for the territory system PDF

When trust makes it worse – rating agencies as dis-embedded service-systems in the us financial crisis PDF

Roles of accounting and control in new service development within servitization – a literature review and research implications PDF

Open service engineering

“Open service engineering”

Jungle of “CO PDF

Clarifying the concept of need in the organizational context PDF

Value orchestration platform: model and strategies PDF

Organizational learning in an innovation network – enhancing the agency of a municipality PDF

Management of value co-creation in public service networks – case city of Helsinki” PDF

Towards a value co-creation based Healthcare System PDF

Positively- vs. negatively-valenced engagement: implications for S-D Logic PDF

Health, cost, prevention and cure – value and value co-creation in public healthcare PDF

Value co-creation at service encounters: a practice-theoretical approach PDF

Services and service systems under a mesoscopic perspective PDF

Value propositions: a service ecosystem perspective PDF

Service innovation in the firms. The case PA.L.MER. PDF

The influence of consumer ethnocentrism, animosity and product country image perception on attitudes towards foreign products. A study on Italian consumers PDF

Cultural issues in sustainable supply chain management PDF

The role of institutions in the evolution of service ecosystems PDF

Service-dominant logic and business model concepts: fostering a shotgun wedding PDF

Co-created value through smart governance PDF

“New “smarter” solutions for the healthcare complex service system” PDF

Interactive health technologies and value co creation: the Mayo Clinic experience

Advances in service research for the understanding and the management of service in healthcare networks PDF

Beyond virtuality: from engagement platforms to engagement ecosystems PDF

The homeostasis paradox of new business models PDF

Cinépolis luxury cinema: factory or theatre? PDF

Trajectories of viable and non-viable service systems PDF

The role of symbols in value co-creation PDF

From product through service and solution to performance: Value propositions, interaction patterns and capabilities PDF

The role of sport fan community in value co-creation PDF

University Industry Collaboration: Viable System Approach analysis in the creative sector PDF

Value Proposition Modelling for Service Innovation PDF

Tracking holistic customer experience in real time PDF

Complexity by Design PDF

SD-Logic in computer mediated environments: identifying resources PDF

Service dominant logic and entrepreneurship as a perspective for regional development PDF

An Integrated Conceptual Framework for Territorial Governance PDF

Facilitating factors of value co-creation in B-to-B relationships PDF

Banking reputation and CSR: a stakeholder value approach

Alternative Ontological Foundations for Service System Conceptualization PDF

Learning by developing (:) service organization in a public sector PDF

Towards the operationalization of service logic PDF

Accessing Pre-natal Services: Supporting Women in Rural Kenya PDF

Tangled web or tidy knot? Assessing failure and recovery in aservice network PDF

Three frameworks for service research: exploring multilevel governance in nested, networked systems PDF

An application of ecosystems strategies framework to understand network performance PDF

Transitioning to Service PDF

Networks and piracy of digital products PDF

Hey You Get Off My Cloud: Incumbent vs. Challengers in the Software Services Market PDF

The role of value constellation innovation to develop sustainable service systems PDF

Corporate Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility as Resources in S-D logic for Values Based Service Business PDF

How consumers shape the market: ethics and value co-creation PDF

Schmidt, R., “Value-Co-Creation in Cloud-Computing” PDF

Co-creation index: a CCI creativity pathway” PDF

Exploring co-creation of value within customer-supplier and buyer-supplier relationships PDF

Store brand and marketing strategies in the development of retailers and in the relations among industries PDF

Service-Dominant Logic 2.0: A Balanced Perspective PDF

Shadow cone of strategizing in networks: influence and value creation in co-decisions PDF

“Co’s” in innovating: co-creation within a practice-based view PDF

Customer propositions and co-creation of service in multi-channel retail contexts PDF

How brand communities can contribute to service innovation PDF

Co-creating health PDF

Searching for Balanced Centricity. Learning from a small business context PDF

Between service culture, empathy and ethical behaviour: insights derived from the Viable Systems Approach PDF

Theoretical Underpinning to Successful Value Co-creation PDF

Driving Co-Created Value Through Local Tourism Service Systems (LTSS) in Tourism Sector PDF

The Service Dominant Logic: The Elusive Strategy for the Underserved in the Emerging Economies PDF

Value Co-Creations in Network Partnerships: A Service-Dominant Logic View PDF

The success of service innovations: implications for firm’s competitiveness

The value co-creating process lessons learned from the case of a leading manufacturer PDF

Assessing industrial service culture and capability: three procedures for promoting service business transformation PDF

Value, Variety and Viability Designing For Co‐creation in a Complex System of Direct and Indirect (goods) Service Value Propositions PDF

Translation of market practices: a framework for understanding market co-creation PDF

The relational impact on service interactions PDF

Ethical Foundations for a Networked, Service Economy PDF


Value co-creation and resource integration in Italian drugs distribution

Approaches to Theorizing Markets PDF

When customer value co-creation diminishes value for other customers deliberately or inadvertently PDF

Teaching hospitals performance: a stakeholders view PDF

Co-creating custoemr value through service experience: An empirical study in the hotel industry PDF

Leveraging cooperative strategy the case of sports and arts sponsorships PDF

Why does service exist? Requisite Variety, Mutualism and the Nature of Service PDF

Market Agency in Subsistence Contexts PDF

Emergence of value co-destruction in B2B context PDF

The influence of innovative service offerings on collaborative buying decisions PDF

Increasing custoemr value by service innovation – Towards a conceptual framework

The Concept of Service Strategy Scorecard – an Integrated Approach for Lean Service Engineering and Service Improvement: Theorical framework and implications for Service Science PDF

Explaining the Evolutionary Development of the Web PDF

A service classification framework for value co-creation. The case of the Internet of Services

Acceptance of Standardized Service Contracts

Customer-to-customer interaction in service eco-systems – measuring its relative contribution to value-in use and the willingness-to-pay for it in case of sport event provision

Service Business Development in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) A Case study on methods and tools enhancing SMEs’ transformation to service dominant business logic

Service-Dominant Orientation: Empirical Measure Model Orientation

Influence of context on service exchange

Public service journeys – the introduction of networks and co-design

« Points Passerelle » developing a social network to help vulnerable people

The Role of customer co-production in value creation PDF

Exploring co-creation networks creating ‘balance centrity’ within a public transport service system

Contextualizing value propositions: examining how consumers experience value propositions in their practices PDF

What is the Customer Saying? Service-, person- and context-related characteristics of service communication PDF

The Customer Engagement Co-Created Value Interface: An S-D Logic Perspective

Integrating tacit knowledge through value co-creation the case of Pas-de-Calais Habitat PDF

Scripting practices for mutual gain Value co creation in business networks PDF

Experiences and Practices – Challenges and Opportunities for Value Research PDF

The Impact of Information Technology Enabled Services on Value Co-Creation PDF

Relationship learning between service firms: The impact of inter-firm and network variables PDF

Driving forcse which can lead to growth in the experience economy PDF

Value networks in new service development: evidence from a coordinator organization PDF

Public service journeys the introduction of networks and co-design

Innovation in interaction PDF

Specifying Value Creation Roles Through Service Concept Development in B-to-B Networks PDF

How do service research results reach textbooks and classrooms Now it takes 10-40 years! PDF

Distribution mechanisms for service PDF

Operationalising and Managing Variety PDF

On the Sluggish Adoption of Total Cost of Ownership Business Models – An SDL Perspective PDF

Service logic, value co-creation and networks in the banking services PDF

Are perceptual measurements of value co-creation good enough in business-to-business contexts? PDF

Co-creation of value in the knowledge and know-how transfer systems in car service business PDF

Service Systems as a foundation for resource integration and value co creation PDF

Staffing, Cross-training, and Scheduling with Cross-trained Workers in Extended-hour Service Operations PDF

Toward a general framework of consumer satisfaction with public services PDF

What keeps People in Social Virtual Communities? Cognitive, Affective and Conative drivers of loyalty PDF

Value Co-Creation in Strategic Partnerships: An Outsourcing Perspective PDF

Value co-creation and university teaching quality: consequences for the European higher education area PDF

Productions of excellence as territory attraction’s factors

Quality in Marketing Process and a Systemic Value Co-creation PDF

Knowledge based service systems PDF

The Influence of Tourism Experience on Place-Image Perceptions and Post-Visit Attitudes toward Local Products. Implications for a Public-Private Integrated Marketing Approach

Social capital and responsible relationships for the value creation in SMEs PDF

Value co-creation in B2B-Marketing through Virtual Resource Integration PDF

Business Interaction in S-D Logic PDF

Virtual brand communities to integrate resource and experience

Management Accounting for service: A research agenda PDF

Tourist Systems Co-creation exchanges: Service Research and System Thinking insights for Destination Competitiveness PDF

Customer Resource Integration During Negative Events Lessons from Ants

Collaborating to co-create of value in social networks following a crisis PDF

Extending Service Dominant Logic: Proposition, Lexicon and Framework PDF

Empirical evidence of the effectiveness of a network in improving the quality of banking services PDF

From Requisite Variety to Information Variety through the Information theory the management of viable systems

In My Liverpool Home: Exploring City Residents’ Perceptions Using A Service Systems Approach

Engagement: An important bridging concept for the emerging S-D logic lexicon PDF

Co-creation processes and engagement: an empirical approach PDF

Enhancement, Value and Viability of Cultural Heritage. Towards a Service-Based System Approach PDF

Positioning service industrialization strategies in the accommodation industry PDF

Fuzzy-control models of service-system engagements PDF

Managing the transfer of logistics services to the consumer comparison of two cases PDF

The Role of Artifacts In Shaping Service Markets PDF

Governing business dynamics in complex contexts PDF

How to create with a stranger? The gap between real demographic profile of customers and service providers’ perception of this profile

Service System through the prism of conceptual modeling”

Adding value through industrial services – a case study of remote condition monitoring

Adding value through industrial services – a case study of remote condition monitoring

Consumer value creation in a food consumption context

Developing Total Business Solutions, from product to solution sales: Possibilities and Challenges

Advanced QA and Testing Approach Based on Service System Paradigm PDF

Imaginary Customers: A Source for Service innovation PDF

Collective Entrepreneurship – Networking as a strategy to business development PDF

Pursuit of business renewal through discontinuous service innovations

Managing capabilities for service innovation PDF

Co-Creation of Value in Service Business Markets: A Case Study in the European Hygiene Supplies Sector

Investigating Student’s Co-Creation Experiences during Short-term Study Abroad Programs on Learning Outcomes, Program Satisfaction and Word-of-Mouth

Home healthcare service: a care in service-dominant-logic in the marketing of technology-based services PDF

Service Co-Creation Activity in Health Industry PDF

Creating value in use through global alliances – a study of airline quality

Service Dominant Logic in the co-creation of value in enviromental hygiene services PDF

Value creation in high-speed railway transport service PDF

Expressive consumption: Experience as a general business logic PDF

Service Science and S-D Logic PDF

Sustainable marketing: goods-dominant logic creates problems, can service-dominant logic bring a solution? PDF

Rethinking service innovation: four pathways to evolution PDF

The harmony between ethical and rational behaviour in the Health Care Systems Approach (VSA) PDF

Innovativeness and firm’s valuation of customer and first-line employees as co-producers in NSD: impact on performance

Actor, Model, Whatever…Addressing the complexity of heterogeneous actors in studies of the value creating process PDF

Image-in-use in service PDF

Consumer choice of service provision in services industries PDF

Value Co-Creation Orientation: Conceptualization, Measurement and Impact on Firm Performance PDF

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Towards a customer orientation approach based on customer competency: a new deal for companies Research Topic Publication IdentityPDF


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