Evert Gummesson Outstanding Research Award – 2015

Professor David Ballantyne University of Otago (NZL)

He was coauthor of one of the first books on relationship marketing; he organized the first International Colloquium on Relationship Marketing, ICRM, which is now to be held for the 23rd time; and he organized the Otago Forum on Service-Dominant Logic in New Zealand in 2005. He has always represented the frontline and his conferences and publications have been highly supportive in developing a new logic of service.

Professor Sergio Barile University of Rome "La Sapienza" (ITA)

He has been a strong supporter of the Naples Forum on Service from its conception, and he is founder of the ASVSA Association on Viable Systems Approach; he deserves the award for its knowledge and researches upon systems thinking and decision making under uncertainty, with inspiring and ever promising inferences upon management and marketing, and specifically upon research.

Professor Rod Brodie University of Auckland (NZL)

He was a speaker at the Naples Forum since its start belonging to its Scientific Committee and forming a core group of contributors. He is a Founding Fellow of ANZMAC, the Australian New Zealand Marketing Academy; he has organized numerous international events to stimulate the development of new service thinking; and his articles have appeared in the best journals.

Professor Paolo Stampacchia University of Naples "Federico II" (ITA)

He has been a strong supporter of the Naples Forum on Service from its conception. He deserves the award for his inspiring contribution to networking research and practice in management and marketing.