Procedings – Naples Forum on Service 2021


Edited by Evert Gummesson, Cristina Mele, Francesco Polese

ISBN 979-12-80791-02-3

Ahlemeyer Kai The Active Customer in Value Co-Creation Processes: The Importance for Companies Using the Example of Energy Cooperatives
Andreassen Tor, Del Vacchio Erica AI and Emotions: a literature review
Angrisani Mariarosalba, Dell’Anno Davide, Hockaday Tom Shaping the Scope and Features of an Innovation Community Through a Multiple Case Study
As’ad Nabila, Patrício Lia Managing Contradictions between “Business as Usual” and Transition Dynamics in Service Ecosystems
Badi Sulafa How utility sector intermediaries facilitate ESCO market development through value co-creation: A case study of Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority (SEWA), UAE
Badinelli Ralph Intelligent agents and ecostructuring decisions in service journeys
Badr Nabil Georges, Carrubbo Luca, Tanniru Mohan Sustainable Services for Healthcare Value Cycle Delivery in the time of Pandemic
Bassano Clara, Leitner Christine, Ganz Walter, Satterfield Debra, Piciocchi Paolo, Spohrer James C. Insights from T-Shaped Professional (T-SP) Model to support human-machine interaction
Ben Letaifa Soumaya, Edvardsson Bo Towards an Intra-Ecosystem perspective for Value Co-creation: How Resources are integrated within and across Ecosystems?
Botti Antonio, Grimaldi Mara Managing emergency through resilience: reinterpreting smart cities as service ecosystems view
Bozic Maja, Moretta Tartaglione Andrea Scanning of the retail environment in forecasting activities
Braz Becker Larissa C., Helkkula Anu, Karpen Ingo, Kleinaltenkamp Michael, Jaakkola Elina, Nuutinen Maaria From the individual to the collective: conceptualizing the collective actor experience
Bulawa Nicole, Jacob Frank More Than a Snapshot: Dynamic Value-in-Use Emergence in E-Services
Cavacece Ylenia, Russo Giuseppe Healthcare innovation: digitization and citizen participation for service improvement
Christ-Brendemühl Sonja, Schaarschmidt Mario Fairness Perceptions of Customer Participation in Augmented Reality-Enabled Online Services
Ciasullo Maria V., Capolupo Nicola, Romeo Emilia Developing a Microsoft Teams usability index in Higher Education Organizations: a Service-Dominant Logic orientation
Ciasullo Maria V., Montera Raffaella, Douglas Alexander Unveiling value co-creation within the digital servitization business models: Empirical evidence from B2B industrial firms
Coviello Antonio The role of social media and technology in strengthening the insurance brand
Cozzolino Alessandra, Calabrese Mario, Massaroni Enrico Logistics service providers offering specialized fine-art logistics solutions: case study analysis
D’Auria Anna, Bifulco Francesco Smart fruition of archaeological heritage: evidence from great cultural attractors
De Marco Salvatore, Storlazzi Alessandra Stakeholder Engagement: constitutive practices of value co-creation
Dehling Sebastian The role of resource asymmetry in coordinating value processes
Del Vacchio Erica, Russo Spena Tiziana, Mele Cristina Blockchain technology and Service Ecosystem: a focus on Agri-food business
Diaz-Mendez Montserrat, Zamora-Ramos Moisés, Quero-Gervilla María J., Chamorro-Mera Antonio Higher education (HE) service pollution: attempting against its sustainability
Edvardsson Bo, Tronvoll Bård Servitization challenges in transforming service ecosystems: An empirical analysis of firms’ responses and a conceptual framework
Feddema Kim, Harrigan Paul, Koskela-Huotari Kaisa Understanding the ‘resourceness’ of wildlife as a commodity – An institutional, service ecosystem perspective of the exotic pet trade
Fehrer Julia, Mullen Molly, Morreale Fabio, Lythberg Billie, Newth Jamie, Wieland Heiko Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) for value cocreation in the arts
Frosch Markus, Warg Markus Leading with Context: Impacts from IAD Framework, Service Science and Service-Dominant Logic
Fujikawa Yoshinori, Sishiyama Kohei, Oue Shingo, Suzuki Satoko Humans and machines in the emergence of service ecosystems: Addressing false dichotomy by embracing paradox
Gargiulo Roberta, Carignani Francesco, Bifulco Francesco Social robots in the cultural heritage experience
Greco Fabio; Di Bernardo Irene ‘Silver Starters’: startuppers over 50s.
Gummerus Johanna, O’Loughlin Deirdre, Kelleher Carol Ambiguous Loss and Value Co-Destruction in Fragmented Service Systems
Hogg Johannes, Werner Kim, Griese Kai Michael Conceptualizing dynamic and phenomenological value co-creation in event management
Holmqvist Jonas, Minina Alisa The Changing Role of Service Relationships: Value-in-use across borders
Holmqvist Jonas, Royer Jade Expanding Value Co-Creation: Value-in-Context in Confucian Cultures
Kaartemo Valtteri, Davidian Ken, Eerme Tõnis Building legitimacy in the early stages of emergence and institutionalization of service ecosystems
Katsifaraki Georgia Strategizing in service ecosystems: A Service-Dominant driven, value-based platform
Keller Barbara, Möhring Michael, Carrubbo Luca, Caputo Francesco, Schmidt Rainer Identifying patterns in Big Data Analytics to enhance value co-creation
Kleinaltenkamp Michael, Conduit Jodie, Plewa Carolin, Karpen Ingo O., Jaakkola Elina Collective Engagement towards Social Purpose
Koskela-huotari Kaisa, Carrubbo Luca, Toli Angeliki M. Towards dynamic decision-making in service organizations: insights from systems thinking
Koskela-huotari Kaisa, Vink Josina From “institutions” to “institutionalized social structures” – bringing a more nuanced understanding of institutions to s-d logic
Lappalainen Inka, Aromaa Susanna Emerging data-driven service innovation and ecosystem in the construction phase of the smart building
Löbler Helge The meaning-ladenness of value in Service-Dominant Logic
Loia Francesca, Basile Vincenzo, Capobianco Nunzia, Vona Roberto A service ecosystems perspective on decommissioning of offshore platforms: highlights by the Italian context
Malik Radoslaw Service Offshoring: Current Issues and New Research Directions
Marzullo Maria Luisa, Di Bernardo Irene, Mele Cristina, Russo Spena Tiziana The use of smart technologies to facilitate patient engagement in healthcare services: the Medicinae case study
Masè Stefania, Minina Alisa, Smith Jamie How Digital Services Are Reshaping the Dating Practice: An Institutional Theory Perspective on the Digital Dating Service Ecosystem
Masucci Armando, Megaro Antonietta Artificial Intelligence as a driver to enable Healthcare Service Ecosystem viability
Meierhofer Juerg, Heitz Christoph, Hannich Frank Optimizing service value creation with smart, connected products
Mele Cristina, Di Bernardo Irene, Spano Maria, Russo Spena Tiziana Customer Journey: A Bibliometric Review and Future Research Agenda
Morande Swapnil Optimizing circadian rhythm for well-being: Value co-creation using Machine Learning
Moretta Tartaglione Andrea, Granata Giuseppe, Cavacece Ylenia Complexity in systems thinking and dynamic capabilities framework
Paavola Lauri Algorithmic technologies in organizing food supply
Pasca Maria G., Guglielmetti Mugion Roberta, Di Pietro Laura, Renzi Maria F. Gamification and service quality to incentivize shared micro-mobility services in Italy. An empirical study
Polese Francesco, Dragoicea Monica, Walletzký Leonard, Carrubbo Luca, Romanovská Františka Value co-creation ‘gradients’ in human-machine interactions
Polese Francesco, Visvizi Anna, Troisi Orlando, Grimaldi Mara Digitalizing value co-creation: how artificial intelligence redefines human-computer interactions in service ecosystems
Quero María J., Díaz-Méndez Montserrat, Gummesson Evert Balanced Centricity: deinstitutionalizing the arts sector. The case of Patreon open platform
Quero María J., Ventura Rafael, Martínez-Martínez Sofía L. The mediating role of Univerity-Industry linkages for value co-creation in Engaged Universities
Rancati Gaia, Barraza Jorge The Effect of Sales Assistant-Customer Interaction on Immersion inside Retail Stores
Ranieri Angelo, Russo Spena Tiziana, Tregua Marco, Mele Cristina Conversational agents to enact value propositions for an intimate, intelligent, and seamless experience
Razmdoost Kamran, Alinaghian Leila, Kutsch Elmar Practice Disruption in Service Ecosystems: The Case of K2 2008 Disaster
Ruggiero Andrea Digital therapeutics in healthcare ecosystem: a systematic literature review
Ruggiero Andrea, Laddaga Cesare, Del Vacchio Erica Actors’ roles in service robotics ecosystems
Ruiz-Alba José L.; Quero María J.; López-Tenorio Pablo J. Institutions and customer experience: the role of interfunctional coordination.
Sahhar Yasin, Loohuis Raymond, Henseler Jörg Illuminating experience’s inception and evolvement: an auto hermeneutic phenomenological inquiry
Salgado Maricela, Marcos Esperanza, Vara Juan M., De Castro Valeria, Martin-Peña Maria L. Service Design Methodologies. A Systematic Literature Review
Saviano Marialuisa, Perillo Claudia From Hospital to Home: Service and Systems thinking for effective, efficient and sustainable healthcare
Schau Hope J., Akaka Melissa A., Luri Ignacio Codifying Brand Practices in Service Encounters
Schmidt Rainer, Dacko Scott, Moehring Michael, Keller Barbara, Zimmermann Alfred AI-based Value Co-Creation in Tourism
Schmidt Rainer, Zimmermann Alfred, Moehring Michael, Keller Barbara, Alt Rainer Value Co-Creation on Assistant Platforms
Schmudde Ulrich, Sorensson Anna Co-creating value net for shadow destinations in Sweden
Sebastiani Roberta, Anzivino Alessia Institutions and actors’ interactions in the new normal era
Shoji Masato, Taguchi Takachi Investigation on Structure of Service Ecosystem: Japanese Enthusiasts studies from Serviceology
Shulga Lenna, Busser James A. Co-Creation: The More We Contribute – The More We Value
Siddike Md A.K., Akaishi Rei Anatomy of value co-creation: case of local goverments in japan for covid-19 responses
Siddike Md A.K., Hidaka Kazuyoshi Role of informal institution in bop economy: a service-dominant logic view
Storbacka Kaj, Jaakkola Elina, Nenonen Suvi, Alexander Matthew Conceptualizing Actor Engagement Management
Taillard Marie, Schau Hope Institutional Work on Platform Business Models
Testa Mario, Santini Cristina, Caraher Martin The evolution of the Circular Economy applied to Food Loss and Waste issue: the Spiral Economy 4.0 perspective
Tossavainen Päivi The T-shaped professionals’ education strategies for service innovation
Tossavainen Päivi, Kaartti Virpi Curriculum as a value proposition to support the transitioning of business and society
Toufaily Elissar Ecosystem Wellbeing and Resilience: Lessons From Crisis Management in Service Organizations
Tuominen Tiina, Mele Cristina, Edvardsson Bo, Reynoso Javier The role of smart technology in shaping value co-creation routines. A study of service ecosystem change
Ungaro Veronica, Di Pietro Laura, Renzi Maria F., Guglielmetti Mugion Roberta, Pasca Maria G. Transformative Service Research: a systematic literature review
van Strien Jeroen, Sahhar Yasin, van Fenema Paul C. Ready to Pair? Understanding Pre-negotiation Supplier Engagement in the Context of Performance-Based Contracting
Vestertė Jurga, Skačkauskienė Ilona Towards a decision support framework for service modularisation
Walletzký Leonard, Carrubbo Luca, Buhnova Barbora, Bayarsaikhan Odonchimeg Conceptual model of Smart Services. How to understand the structure of services in Smart City
Watanabe Kentaro Avatar-mediated service encounter and its impact after COVID-19
Doctoral Workshop  
Del Vacchio Erica, University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy “Blockchain: main paths to create a value service innovation”
Elo Jenny, University of Jyväskylä, Finland “Value Co-Creation in Continuous Cyber-Physical Service Innovation”
Feddema Kim, UWA Business School, The University of Western Australia “Understanding the role of online communities in wildlife trade”
Genc Tugce Ozgen, University of Strathclyde, UK “Margin To Mainstream: Using Engagement to Change Entrenched Consumption Practices around Food Waste”
Katsifaraki Georgia, University of Cyprus, Greece “A study of complex transaction phenomena related to actor’s cocreation within modern market ecosystems”
Laddaga Cesare, University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy “The impact of emerging technologies on the cultural industry"
Landry Mikèle, University of Fribourg, Switzerland “Value co-creation and customer well-being in service ecosystems”
Morande Swapnil, University of Naples, Italy “Augmenting Psychosomatic Health Using Artificial Intelligence: Wellbeing Practices in Healthcare Ecosystem”
Ranieri Angelo, University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy “Customer Experience in the age of Artificial Intelligence: challenges and opportunities in the retail business”
Ruggiero Andrea, University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy 

“Robotics in healthcare: The role of social and service robots in fostering well-being”

ISBN 979-12-80791-02-3