Proceedings 2011

Proceedings of the Naples Forum on Service 2011

"Governing business dynamics in complex contexts"

Aguiari, R., Di Nauta, P.

"The Role of Artifacts In Shaping Service Markets"

Andersson, P., Markendahl, J., Mattsson, L.G

"Managing the transfer of logistics services to the consumer comparison of two cases"

Aurelien, R., Kiane, G., Tatiana, H.

Badinelli, R., "Fuzzy-control models of service-system engagements"

Badinelli, R.

"Positioning service industrialization strategies in the accommodation industry"

Baglieri, E., Zambolin, E., Resta, B., Karmarkar, U

"Enhancement, Value and Viability of Cultural Heritage. Towards a Service-Based System Approach"

Barile, S., Montella, M., Saviano, M.

"Co-creation processes and engagement: an empirical approach"

Blasco, L., Hernandez, B., Jimenez, J.

"Engagement: An important bridging concept for the emerging S-D logic lexicon"

Brodie, R., Hollebeck, L., Smith, L

"In My Liverpool Home: Exploring City Residents’ Perceptions Using A Service Systems Approach"

Brown, J.

"From Requisite Variety to Information Variety through the Information theory the management of viable systems"

Calabrese, M., Iandolo, F., Bilotta, A.

"Empirical evidence of the effectiveness of a network in improving the quality of banking services"

Cavallone, M., Modina, M.

"Extending Service Dominant Logic: Proposition, Lexicon and Framework"

Chen, T.

"Collaborating to co-create of value in social networks following a crisis"

Cheung, L.

"Tourist Systems Co-creation exchanges: Service Research and System Thinking insights for Destination Competitiveness"

Ciasullo, M.V., Carrubbo, L.

"Management Accounting for service: A research agenda"

Cinquini, L., Tenucci, A.

"Virtual brand communities to integrate resource and experience"

Colurcio, M., Melia, M., Caridà, A.

"Business Interaction in S-D Logic"

Corsaro, D., Sebastiani, R., Snehota, I.

"Value co-creation in B2B-Marketing through Virtual Resource Integration"

Dauner, J.

"Social capital and responsible relationships for the value creation in SMEs"

De Chiara, A.

"The Influence of Tourism Experience on Place-Image Perceptions and Post-Visit Attitudes toward Local Products. Implications for a Public-Private Integrated Marketing Approach"

De Nisco, A., Napolitano, M.R.

"Knowledge based service systems"

De Santo, M., Pietrosanto, A., Napoletano, P., Carrubbo, L.

"Quality in Marketing Process and a Systemic Value Co-creation"

Della Corte, V., Micera,R., Di Taranto, E.

"Productions of excellence as territory attraction's factors"

Della Corte, V., Savastano, I.

"Value co-creation and university teaching quality: consequences for the European higher education area"

Diaz-Mendez, M.

"Value Co-Creation in Strategic Partnerships: An Outsourcing Perspective"

Dibley, A., Clark, M.

"What keeps People in Social Virtual Communities? Cognitive, Affective and Conative drivers of loyalty"

Duque, L., Gaston-Breton, C., Lado, N.

"Toward a general framework of consumer satisfaction with public services"

Duque, L., Maydeu-Olivares, A.

"Staffing, Cross-training, and Scheduling with Cross-trained Workers in Extended-hour Service Operations"

Easton, F.

"Service Systems as a foundation for resource integration and value co creation"

Edvardsson, B., Skalen, P., Tronvoll, B.

"Co-creation of value in the knowledge and know-how transfer systems in car service business"

Elo, M.

"Are perceptual measurements of value co-creation good enough in business-to-business contexts?"

Enz, M., Lambert, D.

"Service logic, value co-creation and networks in the banking services"

Formisano, V., Russo, G.

"On the Sluggish Adoption of Total Cost of Ownership Business Models - An SDL Perspective"

Freiling, J., Dressel, K., Laudien, S.

"Operationalising and Managing Variety"

Godsiff, P., Maull, R.

"Distribution mechanisms for service"

Gronroos, C.

"How do service research results reach textbooks and classrooms Now it takes 10-40 years!"

Gummesson, E.

"Specifying Value Creation Roles Through Service Concept Development in B-to-B Networks"

Hakanen, T., Jaakkola, E.

"Innovation in interaction"

Hakansson, H., Olsen, P.I.

"Public service journeys the introduction of networks and co-design"

Hakio, K., Jyrämä, A., Mattelmäki, T.

"Value networks in new service development: evidence from a coordinator organization"

Halinen, A., Jaakkola, E.

"Driving forcse which can lead to growth in the experience economy"

Hansson, J., Sorensson, A.

"Relationship learning between service firms: The impact of inter-firm and network variables"

Haugland, S., Ness, H., Aarstad, J.

"The Impact of Information Technology Enabled Services on Value Co-Creation"

Heiskala, Hiekkanen, Korhonen

"Experiences and Practices - Challenges and Opportunities for Value Research"

Helkkula, A., Kelleher, C.

"Scripting practices for mutual gain Value co creation in business networks"

Helle, P.

"Integrating tacit knowledge through value co-creation the case of Pas-de-Calais Habitat"

Hoffmann, J., Sempels, C., Felix, M.

"The Customer Engagement Co-Created Value Interface: An S-D Logic Perspective"

Hollebeek, L.

"What is the Customer Saying? Service-, person- and context-related characteristics of service communication"

Holmqvist, J., Van-vaerenbergh, Y.

"Contextualizing value propositions: examining how consumers experience value propositions in their practices"

Holttinen, H.

"Exploring co-creation networks creating 'balance centrity' within a public transport service system"

Jaakkola, E., Alexander, M.

"The Role of customer co-production in value creation"

Jacob, F., Rettinger, B.

"Points Passerelle » developing a social network to help vulnerable people"

Julien, A.

"Public service journeys – the introduction of networks and co-design"

Jyrama, A.

"Influence of context on service exchange"

Kaartemo, V.

"Service-Dominant Orientation: Empirical Measure Model Orientation"

Karpen, I., Bove, L

"Service Business Development in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) A Case study on methods and tools enhancing SMEs’ transformation to service dominant business logic"

Kaski, T., Ojasalo, K., Toivola, T.

"Customer-to-customer interaction in service eco-systems – measuring its relative contribution to value-in use and the willingness-to-pay for it in case of sport event provision"

Kleinaltenkampt, M.,Chatrath, S.

"Acceptance of Standardized Service Contracts"

Kleinaltenkampt, M., Kluckert, M., Geiger, I.

"A service classification framework for value co-creation. The case of the Internet of Services"

Karpen, I., Bove, L

"Service Business Development in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) A Case study on methods and tools enhancing SMEs’ transformation to service dominant business logic"

Kontos, G., Kutsikos, K.

"Explaining the Evolutionary Development of the Web"

Korhonen, H., Karhu, K.

"The Concept of Service Strategy Scorecard - an Integrated Approach for Lean Service Engineering and Service Improvement: Theorical framework and implications for Service Science"

Kreuzer, E., Schafer, A., Aschbacher, H.,

"Increasing custoemr value by service innovation - Towards a conceptual framework"

Kuusisto, A., Riepula, M.,

"The influence of innovative service offerings on collaborative buying decisions"

Laudien, S., Freiling, J., Dressel, K.,

"Emergence of value co-destruction in B2B context"

Lefebvre, I., Ple, L.

"Market Agency in Subsistence Contexts"

Lindeman, S.

"Why does service exist? Requisite Variety, Mutualism and the Nature of Service"

Lobler, H.

"Leveraging cooperative strategy the case of sports and arts sponsorships"

Lund, R.

"Co-creating custoemr value through service experience: An empirical study in the hotel industry"

Martin, D., Barroso, C., Rosa, I

"Teaching hospitals performance: a stakeholders view"

Mauro, M., Cavallaro, G., Cardamone, E., Trotta, A.

"When customer value co-creation diminishes value for other customers deliberately or inadvertently"

McColl-Kennedy, J., Tombs, A.

"Approaches to Theorizing Markets"

Mele, C., Pels, J.

“Engineering a personal data market: the Hub of all things (HAT)”

Wakenshaw, S., Ng, I.