Publications Outcomes of the 2009 Naples Forum on Service

International Journal of Quality and Service Science

Special Issue: The 2009 Naples Forum on Service – service-dominant logic, service science and network theory: integrating three perspectives for a new service agenda

Guest editor(s): E. Gummesson, C. Mele and F. Polese

Published: 2010, Volume 2 issue 1

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Service Science

System Thinking for Service Research Advances

Guest editor(s): Sergio Barile, Jim Spohrer, Francesco Polese

Published: Spring/Summer 2010, Volume 2, Number 1/2


Mercati e Competitività

2009 Naples Forum on Service. Introduction

Guest editor(s): Evert Gummesson, Cristina Mele, Francesco Polese

Published: Spring 2010, Issue 1