• every participant is actor of a co-creating forum

  • Overcome geographical constraints

    of our cultural research environment

  • The forum is on Service

    and topics such as S-D logic, Viable Systems Approach, Service Science, Many-to-Many marketing

  • Network Theory and Many-to-Many Marketing

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The 7th Naples Forum on Service

The Doctoral Workshop

The Book of Abstract

The Naples Forum on Service 2021 - Live


The Naples Forum on Service has reached its ten years edition and, after the success of its past experiences (see www.naplesforumonservice.it) is about to start its organization with inspiring scientific premises and great expectations for it to be the best edition ever organized.

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Service Dominant Logic (S-D Logic) is a theoretical proposal of marketing discipline that highlights a paradigm shift from goods dominant logic to service dominant logic; following foundations of networked relationships, new value co-creation processes, business interactions, resources integration.

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The Viable System Approach (VSA) is a theory linked with network analysis and based on general system theories, or rather on social analysis interpreting business behavior within a dense pattern of interactions in which the firm, being a viable system itself, immerged in a context, is in contact with viable systems and single components. It is, hence, a systemic theory, a methodological approach not only capable of interpreting and directing nowadays business arena, as well as everyday life and decision making processes of organizations, groups and communities, individuals.


key notes of the 2021 Naples Forum on Service

We are proud to inform you thet the next 2021 Naples Forum on Service, to be held in Capri 6-9…

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Postponement of the Naples Forum on Service

Due to the pandemic, the severe crisis in Italy, and the slow vaccination campaign, for our safety and wellbeing we…

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Naples Forum 2019 Impressions

Naples Forum 2019 Impressions

The Naples Forum on Service is one of the best conferences we have. Get an impression of this wonderful event in our video. A big thank you to Cristina Mele and Francesco Polese & Team.

About the Forum

In coherence with the spirit of the event held in Capri (2009 and 2011), Ischia (2013), Naples (2015) and Sorrento (2017), during which every participant was actor of a co-creating forum where everyone had a key role in the shared value experience, this Forum web page is designed for its users.

The purpose is to overcome geographical constraints of our cultural research environment, to let discussions flow free of any formal, logistic and cultural barrier. The forum is on Service, and topics such as S-D logic, Viable Systems Approach, Service Science, Many-to-Many marketing and other intriguing issues will be addressed in search of common research paths and advances.

The content of the Forum will be represented by papers, abstracts, presentations, pictures, movies and any other kind of material supporting international discussions upon the themes of interest, however the performance of the Forum will be strictly related to everyone contribute, hence look at it as an open tool looking for co-creating activities.

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Fairness Perceptions of Customer Participation in Augmented Reality-Enabled Online Services

Christ-Brendemühl, S., Schaarschmidt, M.

Algorithmic technologies in organizing food supply

Lauri, P.

Strategizing in service ecosystems: A Service-Dominant driven, value-based platform

Katsifaraki, G.

Insights from T-Shaped Professional (T-SP) Model to support human-machine interaction

Bassano C., Leitner C., Ganz W., Satterfield D., Piciocchi P., Spohrer J.

Sustainable Services for Healthcare Value Cycle Delivery in the time of Pandemic

Badr, N. G., Carrubbo, L., Tanniru, M.

Managing Contradictions between “Business as Usual” and Transition Dynamics in Service Ecosystems

Nabila, A., Patricio, L.

Shaping the Scope and Features of an Innovation Community Through a Multiple Case Study

Angrisani, M., Dell’Anno, D., Hockaday, T.

Francesco Polese



Francesco Polese is Full Professor of Business Management at Business Sciences - Management and Innovation Systems Department the Salerno University of Salerno, Italy.

He is currently teaching: Marketing”, at the Degree Course Economia e Managem

Cristina Mele

Cristina Mele (PhD) is Full Professor of Service Innovation and the coordinator of the PhD in Management at the Department of Economics, Management and Institutions, University of Naples Federico II. She is delegated of Innovation and Third Mission at University of Naples “Federico II”. Her main

Evert Gummesson


Evert Gummesson is Emeritus Professor of Marketing and Management at the Stockholm University School of Business, Sweden, and its former Research Director. He graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics, received his Ph.D. in management from Stockholm Un